About Us

Where we came

Vizybility started as little more than an internal demo system to show Strategic Evolutions Consulting clients how to best implement their existing CRM systems.

Typically we found that CRM was set up as either a phone book for contacts, a tracking system for Sales management or a Sales process system. All of these uses have value, but most brought no value to the Sales Rep using the system daily.

We wanted to show how to make customer asset knowledge a fundamental and foundational part of the CRM, rather than an add on. We also wanted the system to be focused on providing knowledge and insight to the Sales rep based on this asset knowledge.

Implementing Vizybility or any CRM takes time. Throughout the process we stand with our dealers to get real value from their CRM project. Changing not just business processes, but also how the dealership thinks, becoming an insightful, trusted advisor to your customers.

About me

I have 20 years of experience in the Construction equipment industry, with years spent with some of the best dealers and manufacturers in the world. My time working with these organizations has provided extensive insight into the daily operations of dealers, and their strategic challenges. As owner of Strategic Evolutions, a boutique consulting firm, focused on equipment dealers, I heard repeatedly from dealers finding a CRM which could handle fleet data was difficult. Vizybility addresses these needs and is the culmination of all the years I spent in all aspects of the dealership using information systems to drive the dealership forward.

Implementing Vizybility is not a only a software project, it’s a team focus on improving your relationship with your customers, becoming a true partner. Throughout the project we’ll work with you closely, every step of the way, to embed this new approach and technology into your dealership culture. Most, if not all, other platforms are delivered by software people, we’re different, we are dealership, machine and customer focused equipment professionals that know a lot about Software. I also know,  just like you, the value of the relationship with your customers, because it’s a long term relationship, we need to support each of our dealers in the same way.


We are exceptionally proud, as part of Strategic Evolutions, to be an IEDA member . Our partnership with the IEDA started in July 2019 when we helped the IEDA executive, to put Vizybility in place, to manage membership information. 

Not only did this give them a common platform to work from, but the data is now easily available, and consistent, to the IEDA members through several methods. 

We also now drive the IEDAgroup.com website’s membership directory pages through a custom data integration with their website provider, this is similar to our advertising and dealer website technology.

The IEDA is a fantastic organization providing support to dealer members and we’re excited to work with the whole association to address challenges faced by all the dealers.


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