Core CRM

Vizybility is a first and foremost a comprehensive CRM equipment focused system for collecting important information about your customers and prospects. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, software helps you stay on top of information that is important for maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

Vizybility uses a strong data structure reflective of the real world in it’s relationships and in strong alignment with how Business systems see data. This allows us to integrate Vizybility with your ERP systems, maintaining synchronization between primary sources of record.

Since Vizybility is built for businesses in the capital equipment industry we recognize the B2B nature of your sales activities. Our strong data structure starts by recognizing Companies as the primary object, then we build from there.


Key objects in Vizybility, such as company, contact and asset all have unique system identifiers so they can be tracked as they move from company to company. Selling a machine from your inventory or one customer to another isn’t just re entry, but actually a move that creates a history.

Obviously Vizybility is also a sales tool that helps you manage your daily activity and your deals. Activities represent your daily activities such as meetings and phone calls. Planning forward to remember important dates and relating these events to the people involved.

Leads is where you execute your sales process. Every lead you get is important, regardless of wether they become deals. Our Leads Object allows you to create multiple lead types and customize your sales process. Lead, quoted, sold or lost is the basics, but Vizybility’s Leads allow for even more detailed analysis.


Company includes address and phone, but also categorization to help you market


Contacts and people and there is a lot to know about them to manage your relationship. We give you space to store that data.


Just like your calendar, activities help you plan and execute your sales plan.  In Vizybility you associate them with who was involved.


Leads turn into deals.  Vizybility let’s you categorize lead types and status to make sure you close every deal you can.


Vizybility is about Assets, capital equipment owned by you and by your customers. So, of course we provide numerous functions around each asset.

First, in order to be able to relate assets and manage them in sales opportunities and in inventories. Our 5 level asset categorization function captures details about each asset down to horsepower groups or weight groups. This allows for comparison between models, searches by group when a customer requests a machine and analysis of the assets in your market for planning inventory purchases.

Additionally we integrate a Master Model Chart database to ease data entry and improve data alignment and analysis. No more typos that prevent quality data and missed opportunities.
Other functions built around each Asset include, images, documents, Custom fields to track all the data you need to know about an asset.


Add pictures to each asset, they are worth a 1000 words each.

Custom Fields

Adding fields is easy to help you track information specific to your business

Asset Details

Capture comprehensive and detailed information about assets in market place

Master Model Charts

Asset Categorization

Categorize each asset in an industry standard category to help you analyze your market

Track Expenses and Profitability

Expense tracking allows you to track expenses incurred to an asset during it’s transition through your inventory. This helps you manage the profitability of each deal, live, instead of running separate reports or checking paper files.



As an dealer in the equipment industry, you’re undoubtedly involved in advertising your inventory on your website, or through advertising websites. Vizybility makes this really easy, any asset in your CRM can be selected and promoted through automated data feeds to your website or advertisers.

As part of this we have developed technology to build custom dealer websites to promote you and your inventory in exactly the way you want. You can host on any hosting service and the technology is so common any competent website developer can build, update or manage your website. Remember, your website is your digital face to the world you shouldn’t use a canned website, because your businessed isn’t canned. Nor should your equipment listings be limited to basic data. Show your potential customers all the details they need to see the quality of your inventory so they can trust their purchase. Often you only have 20 seconds to or less to capture a visitors interest.

Our integrations with advertising platforms continues to grow and most platforms are happy to help us connect your inventory to their systems to save you time. Current platforms include

  • Equipment journal
  • Machinio
  • Machinery Trader
  • Used Equipment Guide
  • And others.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns and communications with your customers is a critical part of getting the word out on your business and the equipment you have for sale.

Vizybility Synchronizes you customer contact database with categorizations tags to MailChimp and, on demand, any other Email marketing platform


Mobile App

In today’s world we do more and more things on our mobile devices. Websites typically register the majority of visitors arriving on mobile platforms.
Similarly you’re not always behind your laptop, and your sales reps definitely aren’t. To support this modern reality Vizybility provides a Mobile app with all the core CRM functions to make staying connected easier.
You can search, view and add Companies, Contact, Locations, activities, leads and Assets.


Collecting Asset data infield is made easy, helping you become more knowledgeable about the assets in your market to identify future sales opportunities. Our mobile app allows you to collect pictures for each asset for advertising, for trade evaluations and fleet management.
Additionally we offer an ability to check current marketing pricing on any machine through our partnership with Used Equipment, the largest search engine for equipment and trucks in the world.

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