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Asset Focused CRM for
Equipment Organizations

What is Asset focused CRM?

Vizybility CRM looks at your complete market ecosystem.
Capital and mobile equipment sales is different from selling consumer products and business services, so the CRM you use should recognize that difference. In these markets the existing assets owned by your customers and prospects are a wealth of knowledge about future opportunity.

Vizybility is built around the structure of your market’s ecosystem and supports your sales team’s efforts in maximizing the opportunity by moving past the generic focuses of other CRM system and into the realities of your day to day work.

Fleet Information is the Key


Your customer's key asset is their equipment. It often constitutes the majority of the company's capital employed and enables most of their productivity


Each Piece of equipment is part of the Fleet. A collection of equipment used to complete contracts and projects and requiring constant attention and planning.


A Fleet plan is a critical component of your customer's business. Capital and operating expenses and life cycle planning should be a constant topic of conversation to optimize the fleet.

Building Relationships with customers is the key to long term sales for your dealership.  CRM is a key part of managing the information that your relationship is based on.  With a complete fleet list you can change topic of conversation from sales to fleet management and the customer’s success.  Vizybility is the CRM designed around your needs to manage this information and provide value to your customer throughout your long relationship


Data Analysis Creates Visibility
To The Deals You’re Missing

A Smart CRM helps you like a Sales Assistant

izybility CRM does exactly that!

Vizybility is built around the information you have on customers, from your ERP and all departments in the organization.

As your assistant it let’s know you what customers you need to talk at and what to talk about.

The Vizybility CRM dashboard is easily configurable and acts as Digital Sales Assistant and Sales Forecaster. Prompting the sales team to manage customer information to action and forecasts.

With Vizybility we’ve changed the relationship with the customer and know about deals before the customer does!

— Truck Sales VP

Forecast Potential sales from customer’s fleet plans – It’s the ultimate Sales Pipeline

Construction Equipment, Highway Trucks and other types of Capital equipment have predictable life cycles.  There is generally an optimal time for your customer to own and piece of equipment.  This predictability, combined with conversations you have with the customer result in a predictable replacement date.

Vizybility take all his data and helps you generate a real sales forecast based on knowing what sales are in your future.


CRM should not be a stand alone sales system

Vizybility is based on the most current technology
You can’t go to market with old tools, nor would you invest is legacy technology.

Vizybility CRM is based on the most current technologies giving a powerful synchronized user experience.

From the front end to the back end we made sure it’s cutting edge and integrated. Not just integrated, but integrate-able!


Vizybility was built to integrate with any number of other systems including your accounting, rental or ERP system.

Additionally, Vizybility integrates with advertising, marketing and other digital platforms.

For advertising you can provide your inventory information to a growing number of equipment advertising platforms such as Equipment Journal, Rock and Dirt and more.

For Marketing Vizybility integrates with MailChimp and other on demand, to synchronize and segment your customer contact database.

mailchimp quickbooks

Change the Relationship


What kind of relationship do you have with
your Customer?


Your customers are busy! They are out working the equipment you sold them.

How do you change your relationship with your customer to improve access and increase your likelihood of winning the next sale?

Become a Trusted Adviser!

Start by changing the conversation. By adding value to your customer’s day you become their trusted adviser, on the most expensive assets they own, their fleet! Vizybility puts you in a position to be a partner in your customer’s operation and fleet planning.

Focusing on their entire fleet and adding insight into equipment application and life cycle. You are the experienced expert they come to rely on for capital planning. Now you’re front and center on every deal and Vizybility supports you each step of the way.

Detailed Asset Information

Here is where Vizybility really starts to differ from generic CRM. You’re not selling widgets, TVs or office cleaning services. Knowing the details of your customer’s fleet is critical, and not just what you sold them, but everything they own.

Vizybility as comprehensive data on every piece of equipment, and you can add any number of custom data fields you want to track.

Additionally, we add Model Charts and industry standard Categorization to compare makes and models and analyze your customer fleets.

On top of all that, we add market pricing data to monitor the current market price of the entire fleet.  On a weekly basis we check the market price through a direct connection with the internet’s largest database of machine sales listings.

Sales Process


Of course the Core functions have to
get done too

It’s not CRM if you can’t track Activities and Deals.

Vizybility has all the required modules for sales process planning and tracking. Activities, Leads, Locations, Contact you name it. What’s more they can all be related.  Relate contact to activities, locations to contacts , activities to leads, Assets to leads and locations….. nothing exists in a vacuum, relationships are important.

This CRM lets you document and relate your sales system just like reality.


Relating data between modules in the CRM gives the sales team constant relevant context and history.

Before calling that contact the CRM reminded you to call because you set a reminder 6 months ago, review the past activities you’ve had with that person and be prepared for your call.

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