Quotation Module

Vizybility Quote Module

Providing your customers with a detailed and professional looking quote differentiates you from your competitors.  Vizybility’s New quotation module takes your sales presentation to the next level.  The completely custom HTML quote Template lays out your dealership’s sales quotes in the manner you want to present to your customers.

The Template can use any or all of the detail provided in the Quote, Customer file or Inventory system to communicate the details of the equipment on offer, while allowing you to brand the quote completely to match your dealer’s branding.  Most quoe systems let you change some dealer text and present a logo, but Vizybility’s template goes much farther.

Multiple Machines/ Segments

The Quote system lets you present multiple machines as a package or as options for a single purchase. Each Machine or Segment of the quote contains HTML formatable text to highlight the equipment. Images from the machine file in the CRM’s inventory are easily selected to show off your machine, with descriptions to highlight key atributes.


The CRM’s Inventory provides a clear Features function to list the details of the machine quickly and in a formatted list. The Quote system allows you to include or exclude the list with one click.


Vizylibity Quotes all for multiple items to be associated with each machine. This allows you to present the proce of the machine, attachments, services, warranty as discrete, included or excluded items, Clear communication is key to showing your customer the value of each sales.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and your inventory images are quickly inserted into the quote.

Centralized Quotes

For Teams and with Revisions


With Vizybility’s centralized quote system your team can see all the quoting activity including who the quotes are for and what machines are being quotes most.

Consistency and communication are important to a team effort to sell equipment and support customers.


Not every quote gets it right the first time.  With the Revisions funciton you can modify a quote and keep track of revisions for that customer looking fo options.  No need to do and redo quotes for every variant.

 Revisions also lets you copy quotes to a new customer, saving more time.


The Quote Module builds on information already in the CRM system, allowing you to quickly search and select the Customer, Contact and Equipment from your inventory to build the quote in the minimal number of clicks.  Once complete the CRM’s integrated email funciton lets you send a high quality, custom Quote to your contact directly.

 Rental, Parts and Service

Vizybility’s Quote Module is designed to go well beyond the Equipment Sales quote.  With Multiple Quote types and segment types the quote system can provide a Rental rate quote, a rental return damages work order quote and a parts quote, seperately or all in one if you need to.

 Parts integration into your Business system means you can pull parts informaiton and pricing directly into your quote.

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