izybility is based on the most current technology

You can’t be productive with old machines, you can’t go to market with old tools, nor would you invest is legacy technology. Vizybility CRM is based on the most current technologies, giving a powerful synchronized user experience.

From the front end to the back end we made sure it’s cutting edge and integrated. Not just integrated, but integrate-able!

Our core CRM system can be expanded with custom modules, integrate other online platforms, integrate Microsoft Power BI reports, extend functionality with with Microsoft Power Apps and access Azure based data warehouses.

Onsite or Cloud

Vizybility CRM is the only Leading CRM solution that is available as a Cloud hosted solution or on an Onsite Dedicated server.

A Complete API

Ask us about our Complete Application Program Interface (API) documentation.  Our API allows for endless custom integrations.

Components of the Platform


Technology stack

Market Leading Database and Tenant Hosting
Microsoft Power BI data Analysis
Microsoft Flow Process Automation
Google Firebase Real time Database
Cornerstone Business ERP database
Microsoft Power Apps Functionality Extension
World Wide Implemented User Interface Technology

ERP Integration


Your ERP is the basis for CRM

ERP is a team platform and many of your team members are engaged in the daily business of your organization, in your ERP system. They deal with parts and work orders, create customer accounts to enable sales, manage inventory, send invoices, pay bills and perform countless other tasks.

That’s why ERP data integration of Core business information is built into the data structure of Vizybility CRM. Your Customer Accounts information, Contacts, Customer Locations and other information are updated to the CRM system on a scheduled basis or syncronized as required.

Our Complete API allows you to connecting almost any other system to Vizybility to provide a complete view of your customer at any time.

Customer Accounts

It all drives from your customer accounts.  In Vizybility we mix your existing customers from your ERP with the prospect customers you’re working hard to partner with.  From the Relationship management perspective they are handled the same.

  • Customer information in your hand lets you walk into a customer with all the important information
  • Account status and balances, open work orders and more
  • Full fleet data and insight into disposition planning and market prices


Our relationship starts with the people, all the people that work to make your customer successful.   Vizybility syncronizes all these people and their details into a complete list.  So you’re always in the “know”

  • CRM is a team platform for sharing interactions with your customer
  • See who else has been connecting with your customer before you walk in the door
  • Be aware of important situations to help resolve them.

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